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This is a demo GDPR tool notice for demonstration purposes only. 

E-Learn Design has provided test users for you to use on this demonstration site.  Any further users you may create as part of your testing will be removed at the 1.5 hour intervals of the site refresh.  Be aware that you should not enter any personal information into your own test user accounts as this site is open to others to access via the test admin account between the refresh schedule.

Full policy

E-Learn Design advises that anyone using this demo site to test the software should not provide any personal information in the creation of their own test users.  

This site uses generic test users throughout and provides access to the site via defined generic test accounts with login information.  Once inside the site test admins and test managers can create new test accounts of their own which can then be viewed by others during the 1.5 hour window before the site refreshes itself.  

Refreshing the site every 1.5 hours dumps all data that has been created by visitors to the site. 

NOTE: this policy notice is for demonstration purposes only.  Obviously it will only show to the first person who logs in within the 1.5 hour window for each test user login.